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A mysterious lake of enviable status

Local ecotourism is in increasing development around the Lake Šas in Montenegro, well-known as a birdwatching area as well as wine country.

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Animal husbandry subsidies as an incentive to stay

The Lonjsko polje Nature Park has been known to cooperate with the locals and it has secured them almost two million euros worth of subsidies.

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Battle for Sutjeska - Preventing the government's decision to build a hydro power plant in the national park

Networking and activating the 27 associations and 6,000 citizens led to the prevention of building hydropower plant.

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Children as ambassadors of nature

The WWF Nature Academy unites students and teachers from schools near the protected areas with park managers in order to come up with creative ideas to preserve the natural environment surrounding them

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Cooperation with the electric company to improve protection of the Saker Falcon

First cooperation between an NGO for bird protection and the Serbian national electric company.

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Evolution in restoration and preservation of grassland habitats – Obedska bara

Long-term restoration of habitats through 20 years of organising international work camps.

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From a waste disposal area to a protected area: the example of the Tivat salt flats

Tivat Salina are invaluable place for birds and are now recognized by people.

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Griffon vultures survived thanks to sheep farming and an active local community

Each year, the Visitor Centre and Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures in the town of Beli on the island of Cres gets thousands of visitors

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Help locals subsist and stay - livestock farmers on Učka

Indigenous breeds (Istrian pramenka and Istrian ox) helps in prevention of overgrowth of pastures on Učka and 10 families are living from their breeding

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How to make a brand – out of apples?

Kozjansko Regional Park in Slovenia is the perfect example of cooperation between a park and the local community, who together recognized the region’s greatest asset – the apple.

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Lynx, a neighbor we might lose

Thanks to PPNEA’s educational program in Albania, more than 600 children were peer-coached and educated on the specifics of the lynx

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Mowers for corncrakes - working together towards conservation

Only mowers can help in the survival of endangered bird corncrake and earn money for it

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Ornithological educational and volunteer camps on Mount Učka

For 14 years an educational camp in the Učka Nature Park was organized, with over 1000 volunteers attending and more than 22 000 birds counted.

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Partners, not competitors

The Una Tourism Cluster has 27 members and is showing formidable results for a local community.

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People who howl with wolves

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Successful cattle farming as a product of support and love

Thanks to the support of the Krka National Park, a young five-member family uses a large space for traditional grazing, and their sheep and Buša cattle prevent the encroachment of 500 m2 of pastures

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Sustainable tourism in Blidinje

Linking local producers and providers of tourism-related products and services in Blidinje in a mutual brand Visit Blidinje.

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Taking the Livno Cheese road to taste perfection

Livno Cheese, whose quality depends on traditional agriculture, will soon be found under a single brand on shop shelves throughout the European Union.

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The Bridge of the Brave Women of Kruščica – Land of absurdity

United under the slogan “Keep thievery away from our river”, the locals of the Vitez municipality are defending the Kruščica River, a future nature park, with their bodies, preventing the construction of small-scale hydropower plants. Among them is a group of women who suffered police brutality at the scene.

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Through technology to nature conservation

Summer camps in Germia Park in Kosovo offer childhood as it used to be: playing in nature without gadgets. When you add to it IT minds, result is fantastic!

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What kind of pasture is best for all?

The Gajna pasture is a symbol of the excellent cooperation among local livestock owners, who are conserving biodiversity through traditional breeding and grazing practices in floodplain conditions

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Why does blue need green?

The seas are empty, the fish is scarce. The only cure for these contemporary diseases is sustainable fishing and lifelong education which has been made available at the Department for Ecology, Agronomy and Aquaculture of the University of Zadar

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Wood as a symbol of settling down and thriving

Thanks to the extraordinary investment in education, the population of Fojnica in Bosnia and Herzegovina has not declined due to migration.

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