Mowers for corncrakes - working together towards conservation

Only mowers can help in the survival of endangered bird corncrake and earn money for it


1 (stručni savjetnik)


EUR 48,000


4 godine


Park prirode Učka


Turopolje and Odransko polje


Protection level

Project example
The number of corncrakes (Crex crex), an endangered bird species, has tripled since the first event - 43 corncrakes
10 ha of grassland designated for mowing is mown at the right time and in the right way for corncrakes to nest
A cooperative council with some 20 representatives has been established - an advisory body for the management of the protected area
Due to the fact that all sectors are represented in the council, there are no possibilities of avoiding responsibilities or manipulating information
The Kosci za kosce ("Mowers for corncrakes") event has celebrated its 10th anniversary. It is always organized on the first Saturday of August
Between 200 and 300 people participated per even
20 male and 8 female hand mowers compete - preserving old skill
10 families mow to meet their own needs (40 people
4 pilot measures withdrawn to preserve corncrakes (€ 244 per hectare
5 ha of Amorpha fruticosa removed with the help of the hunting societ
Corncrakes returning to some meadows thanks to the co-operation with the hunters

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