Drava story in Noskovci

Informative Educational Center-hostel "Drava story" is the first center for interpretation and education on the Drava River in Croatia. The center is an example of successful integration of natural and cultural heritage and conduct activities that contribute significantly to the local community and the protection of the natural values ​​of the area.


8 employed


3.139,579 EUR


2.5 years


Public Institution for the Management of Protected Areas of Nature and the Ecological Network of Virovitica-Podravina County


Noskovci-Noskovačka Dubrava, Virovitica-Podravina County


Protection level


Project example
Socio-economic achievements
The first interpretation and education centre on the Drava River in Croatia
Successful for 7 years and counting
5000 visitors (schools, faculties, tourists) since the establishment of the centre until 2019, a rapid increase in the number of visitors in the last 3 years due to new content
A tourist office might be opened due to the increased number of visitors to the Municipality of Čađavica (470 overnight stays in 2018);
Integration of natural and cultural heritage; Virovitica-Podravina County started to include cultural facilities into the function of nature protection
Info-edu Centre, Interpretation Centre (augmented reality), accommodation, souvenirs, rescue centre for storks, renting bicycles, outdoor education, field trips for students, winter camp - scouts, camps for gifted children, entrepreneurial camp, and nature camp are just some from new products and services included in the centre's wide-ranging offer
Although the initial success was achieved independently, in time good cooperation has been established with various partners
Public institutions from other river areas have shown interest in replicating this project There are 10 to 50 people attending the workshops. Vulnerable groups such as the Roma, the elderly, veterans' associations, people with special needs, and people with disabilities have been included in the establishment and work of the centre - the entire facility is disabled-accessible. Currently, there are no volunteers working at the centre but volunteering will be necessary and the centre will offer it as an option in the future
Nature protection achievements
Changes in attitude towards protected areas, reduction of illegal activities (employing a ranger who regularly visits the terrain but also reacts according to the tips from citizens, associations or the police), an increased level of awareness on nature protection, an increase in the number of schools and other institutions that come and carry out activities in nature - for example the Croatian Institute for Public Health, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Natural History Society Drava, cultural and artistic associations, "Unikat" creative association from Virovitica;
Improved management of the protected area and species by establishing a rescue centre for storks, the revitalization of the park in which the center is located, the revitalization of tributaries and habitats of strictly protected species, the establishment of educational trails and observation posts.
Public Institution VPC increases the number of species covered by the species' monitoring protocols each year. In 2018, the institution carried out 10 different monitoring or research activities and submitted the data to the Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature and the Ministry of Environment and Energy.
Supporting the research of the Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube by establishing a bio-research station.

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