Sustainable tourism in Blidinje

Linking local producers and providers of tourism-related products and services in Blidinje in a mutual brand Visit Blidinje. More than 10 families have increased their income and developed recognizable products.


3 (volunteers)


EUR 25,000


2 years


Visit Blidinje


Blidinje Nature Park

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Protection level

Project example
  • Development of 8 new tourist packages
  • Development of an online app containing all the information on the Blidinje tourist offer
  • Linking local producers (10 families) and providers of tourism-related products and services (10 persons)
  • All the residents of the Park actively participate in the work of the association (24 persons)
  • First campaign on the importance of environmental protection and waste management (5 July)
  • Foundation of the Blidinje Volunteer Fire Department
  • Development of the Blidinje brand
  • 8 typical local products (cow cheese produced in bellows, mountain tea, homemade jam, rye flour, pine brandy, medicinal pine needle honey, Iceland moss syrup, medicinal herb balm)
  • Over 6,000 followers on social networks


Project key stages
  1. Analysis of active participants in the park area
  2. Registration of the association
  3. Analysis of the existing tourist offer and its quality
  4. Selection of partners and dividing them into groups (local producers, mountaineering clubs, tourism-related providers)
  5. Defining common objectives (between the association and local active participants)
  6. Drafting a 5-year action plan
  7. Regular meetings and activities with the local active participants
  8. Continued education on the importance of environmental protection
  9. Creating a cooperation agreement with active participants
  10. Promotion and marketing of the association’s objectives on the regional level (Herzegovina)
  11. Creating a brand of the destination and typical local products


Positive effects on environment

Greater pasture areas, which diminishes succession.

Less waste pollution due to cleaning initiatives and raising public awareness.

Positive economic and social changes

Public sector

Social: recognisability of the area

Business sector

Economic: increased income

Social: added value through the association’s work; better promotion; higher quality of the tourist offer

For the protected area managers

Social: stable local partner; cooperation with the local community; promotion of the Blidinje Natural Park; development of a long-term strategy

For the local population

Economic: increased income (10 families)

Social: common effort; added value for products; better promotion; higher quality of the tourist offer; support for future work and development

Key benefits

For nature

Less waste pollution by means of improvement of the waste management system.

Business sector

Development of a new offer and improving existing content through common effort.

Replication and recommendations

Essential things for replication
  • Existence of clear action objectives (mission and vision)
  • Institutional support
  • Interest of the local community
  • Honest attitude towards partners and regularly providing information
  • Continuous joined effort in achieving goals
  • Financial resources

Diversify the source of income for the association (own income, applying for projects).

Dedication of all included active participants to the achievement of the goals.

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