Development of eco-rural tourism in Bački Monoštor




400 000 EUR


10+ years


Civil Association for the Development of Eco-Rural Tourism "Podunav"


Bački Monoštor, Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve


Protection level

Special nature reserve

Project example
Creation and implementation of 10 different tourist programs and an eco-tourism offer for Bački Monoštor and Gornje Podunavlje. Some of the programs include visits to Sombor, Bezdan, Kolut, Apatin, and Croatia.
Recognizability of Bački Monoštor as a tourist destination (promoted by the city of Sombor, Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, etc.). The average number of individual visitors and visitors that come for an organized event reaches 20,000.
Members of the local community created a strong organization that is committed to sustainable development goals
About 20 households promote and offer their services and products through this initiative
Women's association and women's economic empowerment. 70% of all the members of the association are women (aged 16 to 65).
Promotion of the area through festivals (Bodrog Fest - since 2005, visited by 12,000 guests, "Regeneration of Danube" Eco-Music Festival - since 2008, visited by 2,000 guests, Fair of cakes, pastry and agricultural products since 2011, about 2,000 visitors, SFRJ Rakijada, a fruit brandy festival - since 2015, about 1,000 visitors).
Improved cooperation between the local population and the manager of the "Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve" protected area
Important Awards
In 2014, Gornje Podunavlje received the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism from the EUROPARC Federation, the most important organization for protected areas in Europe. The work of the NGO "Podunav", engaged in the field of eco-rural tourism, represented a great contribution in obtaining this charter. The association is also a member of the Gornje Podunavlje Stakeholders' Forum, formed in order to assure quality management and strategy implementation by the "Vojvodinašume" public company, the manager of the "Gornje Podunavlje" Special Nature Reserve.
In 2017, Bačko Podunavlje became the new UNESCO Biosphere Reserve as a significant natural asset that included the SRP "Gornje Podunavlje" and Bački Monoštor, and the activities of the association were of great importance for the area's assessmento
In 2019, Serbian adventures (a tourist Danube cluster) proclaimed that Bački Monoštor had the best proposal for a five-day tourism program in Serbia, which included both natural and cultural heritage.
In 2013, representing the whole Serbia, the association's "Gate of Gornje Podunavlje" project received special recognition from the Landscape Award Alliance of the Council of Europe for its contribution to European ideas and the spread of democratic thought
In 2011, due to the association's engagement in the "Wealth of Diversity" project, Bački Monoštor was recognized by the Provincial Secretariats and the Cluster Istar 21, association for the promotion and development of tourism in the Danube region, as one of the 10 most promising villages in Vojvodina with regard to tourism promotion.

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