Increase revenues for the local population through sustainable tourism at Šasko Lake

From the networking of local producers to the successful development of local offer and tourism in the hinterland of Ulcinj. Positive alternative to the construction of a 20ha golf course in the same area.




111 000 EUR


4 years


Green Home


Šasko Lake


Protection level

Project example
Registration of local producers (honey, olive oil, wine) at Šasko Lake – 15 representatives.
Formation of a joint platform of local households (20-40) having revenues from the sale of local products
5 trained birdwatching guides
During the public debate on the Draft Urban Plan for the Ulcinj municipality, proposed golf course (50 ha) at Šasko Lake was rejected.


Lack of will to protect the area
Large migration of the local population
Lack of promotion of local products and areas
Natural values of Šasko Lake
Organic production
Authentic cultural and natural area
Development of eco-tourism
Sustainable development
Joint management of natural values
Local products


Project key stages
1. establishment of a protected area
Drafting the protection study for the area with the Faculty of Science
Initiative to protect Šasko Lake submitted to the Ulcinj municipality
2. improvement of the local economy through the development of eco-tourism
Drafting the tourism development strategy for Šasko Lake
Network of local producers
Registration of producers and marketing their products
Construction of an Info centre where local producers could bring the products characteristic to this region: honey, olive oil, wine, olives, figs
Marking walking trails around Šasko Lake
Destination promotion
Vulnerable groups involvement
The Šas area is primarily inhabited by an elderly population and people of Albanian nationality who prepare the local products for their own needs, and who supported this initiative for better placement of their products.
Rights to information
Building the Local Platform helps the local population to more openly participate in decision-making processes and to fight for their rights, particularly for the sustainable use of natural resources.
Joint participation on public debates on the Draft Urban Plan for the Ulcinj municipality (including the area of Šasko Lake) at which time the proposed golf course was rejected and removed from the plan


Positive economic and social changes
Tourism destination promoted at the national and international level – at the world tourism fair, ITB Berlin
The local information centre and necessary municipal infrastructure was adapted.
Better sale and marketing of local products, and growth of the local economy, due to development of additional opportunities for generating revenues from nature-based activities (fishing, mushroom gathering, birdwatching, boat tours, etc.) and better management of natural values.
Local Platform created, to bring together food and craft products, recreation and accommodation services.
The unemployment rate in this district is very high, at 70% of the labour force, and the use of existing ecological, cultural and tourism potential through this initiative proved to be a key alternative for the sustainable development of the local population.
Key benefits
For nature: Planned golf course (50 ha) in this area stopped
For people: Better information of the citizens about the natural and cultural values of this region

Replication and recommendations

Essential things to replication
Local support
Existence of products and services
Natural values of the area
The local community needs to recognise and accept the project activities as their own, and for their benefit.
It is key that the project and its benefits be presented to the local community, the key actors be informed, and good communications and cooperation established.

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