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Cestom livanjskog sira do okusa savršenstva

Livanjski sir, čija kvaliteta ovisi o tradicionalnoj poljoprivredi, uskoro će se naći na policama trgovina širom Europske unije i to pod jedinstvenim brendom

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Partners, not competitors

The Una Tourism Cluster has 27 members and is showing formidable results for a local community.

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Through technology to nature conservation

Summer camps in Germia Park in Kosovo offer childhood as it used to be: playing in nature without gadgets. When you add to it IT minds, result is fantastic!

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How to make a brand – out of apples?

Kozjansko Regional Park in Slovenia is the perfect example of cooperation between a park and the local community, who together recognized the region’s greatest asset – the apple

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Animal husbandry subsidies as an incentive to stay

The Lonjsko polje Nature Park has been known to cooperate with the locals and it has secured them almost two million euros worth of subsidies

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What kind of pasture is best for all?

The Gajna pasture is a symbol of the excellent cooperation among local livestock owners, who are conserving biodiversity through traditional breeding and grazing practices in floodplain conditions

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